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Go Gas Ltd. takes the time to consult with each customer to design the best method of installation for each individual project.  By keeping open communication with clients, this will make certain that their wants and needs are met, as well as insure proper installations that meet all safety standards for propane usage.  The expert knowledge of the certified Go Gas staff will guarantee customer safety, satisfaction and peace of mind for each individual project.

From small condominiums, apartment complexes, million dollar homes to restaurants and industrial buildings, no job is too big or too small for Go Gas to install.  Call to speak to a Go Gas representative today to find out your propane saving options.
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Mr. Go Gas works with each individual client to guarantee project understanding with safe and proper installation.
Examples of GoGas' superior workmanship.

  • Ranges and ovens - provides instant heat, giving you more control over cooking temperatures and saves at least 50% in energy costs.  Even in a blackout you will still be 'cooking with gas'!
  • Clothes dryers - dry clothes faster, more evenly with less static cling, saving you over 50% in energy costs.
  • Tankless water heaters - NEVER run out of hot water - costs 60% less to operate than electric water heaters and saves space.  They have a 20 year life span compared to 8 - 10 years for an electric water heater tank.
  • Outdoor BBQ & Kitchen areas - keep the heat outdoors while cooking on a beautiful BBQ grill, giving your A/C unit and energy bill a break.
  • Outdoor lighting - entertain friends and family with the beautiful ambiance of propane tiki torches and poolside lighting for that relaxing evening swim.
  • Pool heaters - extend the use of your pool all year round with an energy efficient propane pool heater.
  • Emergency generators - smaller, quieter and more efficient than diesel generators and you don't have to worry about your fuel going bad.  Be prepared for when the lights go out with a propane generator today.

Appliances are responsible for nearly 60% of household electricity bills.  By having propane appliances installed today you could cut your electricity bill in half!

  • Industrial tankless water heaters - provides hot water at temperatures that meet industry standards saving over 50% in energy costs.  Compact in size and virtually eliminates standby losses from hot water sitting in a storage tank.
  • Industrial clothes dryers - completes drying tasks in half the time of an electric dryer, saving up to 65% in utility bills and labor costs. 
  • Grills, Ranges and Fryers - professional chefs prefer cooking with propane which gives instant heat and more accurate temperature control.  Your customers will never go hungry if your are 'cooking with gas'!
  • Multiple Metering - apartment complexes equipped with individual meters for propane appliances will make your rental property more attractive to potential tenants.

Propane costs less and works harder, so you don't have to.
Propane burns hotter, more evenly and when the power you goes out you will be glad your restaurant is cooking with GAS!

Electric Water Heater Tanks take up alot of space...
Replace your bulky Electric Water Heaters...
With Tankless Propane Water Heaters...
And free up storage space for other items.