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Go Gas Ltd. specializes in propane gas pipeline design and installation for both residential and commercial applications in the Cayman Islands.  The professional certified propane gas installation technicians at Go Gas Ltd. are qualified through the Certified Employee Training Program with the National Propane Gas Association.  They comply with local laws and codes along with the National Fire Protection Association codes #54 National Fuel Gas Code and #58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.  This superior level of training and experience will guarantee that each Go Gas project is completed with top rated safety standards in mind.

For your safety and peace of mind, choose the most EXPERIENCED Certified Propane Gas Installation Technicians in the Cayman Islands at
Go Gas Ltd. 

Raymond Northover is Mr. GO GAS! - CLICK here to see GO GAS PROJECTS
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Raymond Northover is the most experienced professionally certified propane gas installation technician on the island.  He brings over 20 years experience in propane gas installation to the Go Gas team.   

Go Gas Ltd. over 6 years ago, Raymond is known to many as simply: Mr. Go Gas; where he continues to provide his propane expertise, superior installation quality with attention to detail and excellent customer service. 

Without a doubt he upholds the Go Gas motto of "get it done right the first time", as Mr. Go Gas treats each job as if it were his own home or business, taking great pride to ensure a superior quality installation and customer satisfaction on every project.
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Mr. Go Gas says: 

“It’s time to change out those old inefficient electric appliances and replace them with new efficient propane appliances.

"It's time to change from paying a 'second mortgage' for energy each month into paying an affordable energy bill each month."

"It’s time to change from burning up your hard earned money on that electric stove and start burning clean propane on an efficient propane stove." 

"It’s time to change from heating water all day when it is not needed to heating your water on demand with a tank-less propane water heater installed by Go Gas Ltd.

"Change has come to Cayman" - Contact Go Gas Ltd. to find out how you can make that change and start saving right away!    927-6951    gogas@candw.ky
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